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Portföyü Paylaş
5.000.000 $
Çanakkale /
İlan Tarihi 5 Nisan 2021
İnşaat Yılı 2012
Arsa Alanı 12871 m²
Üretim Alanı 8000 m²
Üretim Katı 1
Toplam Kapalı Alan 8600 m²
Üretim Yükseklik 15 mt.
Rampalı Yükleme Kapısı Belirtilmemiş
Yükleme Kapısı 6
Yük. Kapı Ölçüsü Belirtilmemiş
Kolon Aks Aralığı Belirtilmemiş
Elektrik Trafo 1 KVA
Yük Asansörü Belirtilmemiş
Kredi Durumu Krediye Uygun
Aidat Belirtilmemiş


Iron and steel factory for sale in Çanakkale Biga Organized Industrial Zone with machinery and fixtures

Biga OSB was established in 1995 and has an area of 100 hectares. Biga OSB is mixed in nature and there are companies that mainly manufacture food and iron and steel. 

Sectoral distribution in Biga OIZ 

FOOD 30%, 



OTHER is 35% and 21 companies are operating. 

Biga OIZ's infrastructure services such as electricity, water, treatment plant and road have been completed.

The OIZ has been included within the borders of the adjacent area of the municipality, and the preparations to bring the NATURAL GAS service by the municipality have started. Capacity requests have been received in the companies in the OIZ and will be available within 1-2 years. 

Biga is in the 2nd Degree incentive zone applied by the Ministry of Industry. Since the factory is located in the Organized Industrial Zone, it benefits from 3rd degree incentives. In the region, investment supports are also mediated by the South Marmara Development Agency. In addition, the Industrial Development Agency of Turkey, Çanakkale Investment Support Office, the organization is bringing together various investors such as Eximbank grants and assistance projects.

Our factory produces iron and steel and it is sold with all high quality machinery and fixtures. The factory features are as follows:


Biga OSB is located on Çanakkale Biga road (2 lane double road). 

The factory is located in the front parcel of Biga OIZ facing the road. It has signage visibility. 

Land Area: 12.871,12 m2 

Factory Construction year 2012. It has been in use by the current enterprise since 2014. 

Total covered area: 8.600 m2 

Production area: 8.000 m2 (7.500 + 500 painting / sandblasting), H: 15m gross / 13m net / 10.5m under crane 

Production area dimensions: 25m x 100m = 2.500 m2 x 3 halls = 7.500 m2 + 500 m2 paint / sandblasting porch and additional closed area 

Administrative building: 600 m2 (3 floors) 

Building structure: Production area Sandwich panel roof - facade cladding, steel construction columns, single storey, floor heavy industrial capacity / Administrative building reinforced concrete


Loading doors: 6 level entrances, no ramps 

Crane / Scale / Compressor: 6 units of 10 and 20 tons Crain overhead cranes / 1 piece of ESİT truck scale embedded in the ground of 60 tons / 13 bar air compressor system that wraps around the whole factory 

Electricity: 1 MW Transformer - 1 MW Installed power + 250 KVA Caterpillar Generator 

Fresh water: Network 200 tons/hour    Sewage - Treatment: Available by OSB 

The real estate is registered in the name of the company and 0 VAT will be invoiced. There is no loan debt etc. on the property and it is suitable for credit use. 

If you contact us, we can present you the list of machinery and fixtures sold with the factory.

There is no shortage of qualified personnel in the region.

Sea transportation, which is the most important way of transportation for high volume and tonnage product logistics, is also carried out from İçdaş Port. İçdaş Port Operations and Customs Service Building is 21 km away from the factory on Kemer Road, which continues in front of the OIZ.

İstanbul Yenikapı - Bandırma ferry transportation time is 1 hour 45 minutes.

Biga OSB - Bandırma ferry pier - Factory 55 min

Biga OSB - 1915 Çanakkale Bridge's entry point is D200, 47 km from the double lane road.

The 1915 Çanakkale Bridge and Motorway Project is aimed to be completed on 18 March 2022.

With the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge, a new alternative to the Istanbul Strait crossing will be created, the industry, trade and service sectors in Trakya and Western Anatolia will gain momentum, transportation time and costs will decrease, and the efficiency of foreign trade will increase. In this way, the access of the OIZs in the Trakya region to the south and the South Marmara OIZs to the north will be reduced to 2 hours.


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